Update to Encrypting PDF with PDFPen

Slight update to the automatically encrypt PDF's with PDFPen. Updated to select the file and encrypt using PDFPen.

Here is the script which can also be found on github

set this_file to choose file
set label to "PDFName" --this is the Name: in Keychain change for whatever you use   
set Qlabel to quoted form of label     
set t to do shell script "security 2>&1 find-generic-password -gl " & Qlabel     
set text item delimiters to "\"" -- Get Password     
set tlst to every text item of t     
set pw to item 2 of tlst     
tell application "PDFpenPro 6"     
    open this_file    
    save document 1 encrypt using AES256 password pw     
end tell