Filing System Complete - Hazel adds Dynamic Mavericks Tagging

The latest update of Hazel, version 3.2.3, add dynamic tag support.

New features: Added "Dynamic Tags". You can now create and remove tags based on a file's metadata and custom attributes.

Thank you Noodlesoft! My basic filing system is now complete. See these posts for more discussion on tagging and my system.

The system is summarized here:

Folder Processing System

  • Inbox, Outbox, and Now folders located on my sync folder
  • Filing Cabinet in Together 3

Files go into the Inbox via the downloads folder of via this script. They are evaluated and go into the Now folder or the Outbox.

The Now folder is semi-organized into folders corresponding to my omnifocus tasks and some recurring items like to read items.

The Outbox is watched by Hazel to autofile via tags to a shallow folder system by project.

 Dynamic Mavericks Tagging in Hazel! Dynamic Mavericks Tagging in Hazel!