Update on Notetaking both iPad and on Mac

Overall my workflows described in my notetaking posts have remained reasonably the same. There are a couple of notable exceptions.

Notes to Mail

As I moved to MacMail, I have needed to switch to cut and paste of RTF as I saw quite a few of the HTML cut and pastes coming back to me garbled.

So I have been using marked - a fabulous app from Brett Terpstra which if you've found this, you probably have a copy. Using marked is pretty easy and gets the job done.

iPad Notes

Mostly, I capture notes on my Mac as I type quicker there than on the iPad (well just read my separate posts for background - here and here and here ). For smaller meetings, like 1-on-1's or meetings I'm not running, I use Notability and simply output the PDF to my Box account. I use a star next to follow-ups and transfer them to Omni-focus about once a week. PDF's go into a archive folder on my Mac. This equates to what I used to do with my paper note books.

Until there is a native Mac or easy to use handwriting app that's not putting my content up on someone's server, I'll have to forgo being able to search my content beyond the title.