More on Autofiling and Tagging items from Email for my Filing System

So I've been using a filing system from my email that autotags the files in spotlight with Hazel with who sent the file to me and when I received it. I explained it in this post and this post.

I've yet to be able to get the system to work with open meta tags but I'm happy with the progress so far. Here are the basics on how I autotag with Hazel.

Everything is explained in this post in the Hazel forums about going into subfolders Hazel SubFolder Post by MrNoodle

Here are screen shots of how I applied for my locations and what I wanted to do.

What this means is that I'm able to do a spotlight search for fromBossesName and a descriptor and find files pretty quickly. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the key for a system is recognizing how you remember something about the file. For me, I'm often remembering that document that Jimmy sent about Project X timeline. Searching for timeline and project x is usually not enough.

Some discussion of the system:

Files are saved via applescript to subfolders based on the senders email from MacMail. These are in a Attachments folder in my documents folder. From there, Hazel can autotag by folder name. The 3rd picture shows the detail of how I am doing this. Once tagged, the files are moved to my inbox for further processing.

 Rule #1 Rule #1

 Rule #2   Rule #2

 Detail on the naming of the comments coming for the folder names

Detail on the naming of the comments coming for the folder names