Embedded Powerpoints in Mac 2011 - Tip to View Easily

AAArgh I Can't View This PowerPoint Before the Meeting

I've used this tip more than a few time over the last month so I thought others may be interested. If you work in a mixed PC - Mac Workplace where the information is shared primarily by MS Office, you've probably run into this issue: A coworker sends a summary document in MS Word document outlining a recommendation or project plan and inside are embedded MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint supporting files. You could ask your busy colleague to send the original. You may be pressed for time say that, unfortunately, the meeting is tomorrow early AM with your counterparts in Asia and Europe.

Word and Excel documents are OK as they will launch. PowerPoint and PDFs won't. You can run Office for Windows in a VM like parallels and that can save the day. If you don't want to spend more of your companies money, you can extract the file out of the word document very easily.

I found this tip buried somewhere in a response to someone asking this question for a PDF. Either it's not a big problem or every one knows this tip. Nonetheless, someone will find this a big help!

I've been doing this with .docx files. I re-save the original in this format if it is an older word format.

Tip For Viewing Embedded Powerpoints

  • make a copy of the file so you don't lose the original
  • change the File extension to .zip
  • double-click the .zip file and you'll get an extracted folder
  • open this folder: inside the word folder is a Embeddings folder
  • your powerpoint will be in here with a generic name.pptx

If its a PDF file, it will be in the embeddings folder but named as a .bin file. Simply rename it to .PDF

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